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When Emote Met ....

C E L I N E - M A R I E

Hi Celine!

Welcome to Emote Mag

Gems: Where are you from,

When did you decide to choose fashion designing as a career &

what age did you make your first garment ?

Celine: I am a French-German conceptual lingerie designer

currently residing in Amsterdam after working in London for many years.

I have always been intrigued by creating clothing, especially corsetry inspired

dresses and accessories.

I probably learnt how to sew when I was a little girl of 7 years old, inspired and taught by my mother who has always been incredibly creative. I roughly created my first corseted stage

wear dress when I was around 12 years old,

a black ballerina dress inspired by the black swan opera

piece. I always was drawn to delicate fabrics such a laces and sheer chiffon, tulles or

delicate silks which eventually made me explore lingerie and corsetry.

Gems: How would you describe your designs ?

Describe the story behind some of your garments.

Celine: My debut collection resulted in the conceptual couture

lingerie brand HERVÉ by Céline Marie.

Our mission is to empower women and make them feel in touch with

through show stopping unique pieces.

My initial design direction was deeply influenced by surrealist painter HR Giger.

I took his idea of the Human Mechanoid and created a soft but powerful version of intricate spine-like laser cuts hand-stitched onto lace appliqué and sheer tulle to create the illusion of skeleton structures evolving from the skin.

My collection was a statement to showcase how technology is not only taking over but becoming part of our daily lives and bodies, slowly creeping up on us (literally).

My designs always carry a notion of mystical depth, another layer not obvious to the eyes, and a story to be told.

Gems: How has your artistic style changed over the years ?

Celine: I would say I am much more focusing on creating my own textiles and textures, resulting in a more experimental approach.

Through my work for numerous lingerie and couture houses,

my design approach has always been textile focused.

I create the most beautiful effects through trial and error, and a lot of times an accidental sample turns into the next big idea.

Also, my passion to constantly find more ways to achieve a fully sustainable

sourcing approach lead me to use and reuse authentic

French dead stock laces which are just as beautiful as any others.

Gems: Can you describe a stand out moment/s in your design journey

which you are really proud of ?

Celine: I personally love fashion shows as they are the grand finale

and summary of all the hard work and hours spent on each piece.

I was very fortunate to have the opportunity of showing my very first

collection at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes.

My second favourite was a runway in the ancient castle Fortezza da Basso

in the heart of Florence, Italy,

as well as a surreal charity runway gala show at the Trieste Castello di San Giusto on

top of a mountain with the breath taking view over the Adriatic sea.

I also regularly support charity fashion shows which is a beautiful way

of educating our audience and supporting people in need across many different sectors.

I was very fortunate to work together with different universities in the UK and

international charities to regularly contribute to the events.

Gems: Are there any fashion designers you take inspiration from

& if so what are they ?

If you could work alongside anyone in the creative field who would it be ?

Celine: Amongst my top four, I adore Alexander McQueen

for his exquisite tailoring craft and courage to be conceptual and daring.

The infamous Mr Pearl to this day is my ultimate idol when it comes

to corsetry which is seemingly from another world.

His creations are purely astonishing and beautifully handcrafted to

the female form. Especially his collaborations with designers such as

Mc Queen and Jean Paul Gaultier are a source of endless inspiration.

Lastly, my designs have been deeply infused by Iris van Herpen’s

interdisciplinary and artistic vision.

Gems: What is your favourite part of being a fashion designer?

Celine: Truly, the feedback I have received over the years is the most

beautiful and welcoming feeling you can have as a designer.

Being a source of inspiration and encouraging others to be creative

themselves is an absolute honour and it drives me every single day knowing

I am on the right path. I also love being experimental, trying irregular things and incorporating innovative approaches into the world of traditional lingerie craftsmanship.

I love to fuse different disciplines and push the boundaries when it comes to textiles

and materials used within a piece.

Being able to create something so unique and story telling,

a piece that represents a statement and message to others is powerful.

Gems: What skills do you feel are necessary to be a successful fashion designer?

Celine: I definitely feel like throughout the time I have studied and worked

as a designer in many different fields,

the meaning of being a designer has evolved tremendously.

It’s not just about creating a beautiful product anymore,

but much rather the story and journey behind it.

You almost need to have an interdisciplinary vision to be able to

absorb and react to the changes in our world,

which evolve every minute, every second.

You have to question every step you make,

whether you like it or not in order to make the right decision.

Gems: What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?

Where do you see yourself in 10 years time ?

I have a dream, whether people may say it is utopian or unrealistic, I won’t stop making every decision in favour of getting closer to my goal.

I am very passionate about what I do and it lead me to develop great

relationships between creatives as well as customers who inspire and motivate me in so many ways.

My determination, open-mindedness and passion are definitely values I am proud of.

However, my never ending urge for perfection sometimes keeps me up very late at night.

As much as I am very organised, time line focused and speedy,

I sometimes can simply spend hours on a simple design until it reaches ultimate perfection.

Gems: Finally, any big announcements you would like to make ?

Celine: I am super excited to announce our next big launch this summer

which will be the first collection to be available online in our core sizing range.

This has been a major step for me and I am excited to make my pieces available to a

wider range of women (and men) to continue growing and spreading our mission

If you would like to see more from Celine- Marie & all her latest works & updates please do visit her on the links below !








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