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When Emote Mag Met.....


Hi Evelyn ! Welcome to Emote Mag !

For those who aren’t familiar with your work, it would be great if you can tell everyone a little about your photography journey !

Drawing an old daydream and expressing it throughout the camera lens it what I usually take as my creative photography works.

I recall out a piece of dream from our days, and collage those taken pieces. Those quilted pieces became a whole story of the work,

and I start thinking about what kind of materials to use, or where to go on for the shooting,

My dreams are usually full of nonsense-like daydreams that ordinary kids used to imagine: a person covered by tones of

colourful fabrics, a room full of pink, party of

four different identities of myself, and finally sitting alone in the garden full of greens—in the middle of the lonely beach area.

When did you first feel an interest in photography & when did you first

pick up a camera ?

Actually, I cannot believe I’m taking photography for my job, even for now.

I remember the very first attempt—I wanted to study something related to movie,

but I thought dealing with photography would be much easier than those moving images.

So I started taking photographs and now, I’m completely into this wonderful works!

It was a story of 4 years ago.

How would you describe your photographic genre/s ?

I would like to say, my photographic genres can locate somewhere between fine art and surrealism.

How has your artistic style changed over the years ?

At first I preferred colours that cannot be captured in natural colours: something extremely red,

blue and yellow so that they can give odd and ecstatic impression to the viewer.

But now I prefer to create something that can give a comfortable and

calm impression to the audience, regarding the colours.

Describe your favourite shoot… If you had to pick one which would it be?

My favourite shoot is this landscape-like piece.

The model definitely became one with the background landscape and I also love this broad view of the beach,

and of course the shadows of the leaves I created.

Black & White or Colour?

Colour. We don’t see the world in black and white, you know.

I love to capture what we actually see and distort it or make our imagination

as a real world by using tones of colours we see every day.

Studio or On Location?

On location. Controlling the weather and all the other changing condition is a bit difficult and tricky task,

but when my works turn out nice in result, I become so proud of myself.

Artificial Light or Natural ?

Natural. This is why I prefer using continuous light, not speedlight in studio shtooing, too.

I like the shiny, silky, fragile but also the strong mood that natural lights give to us.

Also I love the changing moment of natural light every seconds.

Can you describe a stand out moment/s in your photographic journey which you are really proud of?

This series, <A Secret Garden> was epic, indeed. I had to buy tones of green leaves,

but I also had to think how to make them stand on the sand area not falling down in the sea wind.

I also came up with an idea to stand a transparent background paper,

on the day of shooting,

the wind was so strong that my stand kept falling down

I even had to give up using a stand.

I was afraid what if my works do not turn out well with my intention,

but anyways,

I feel so happy I made marvellous pieces!

Are there any photographers which you take inspiration from & why?

I get lots of inspiration from Erik Johansson, a Swedish photographer.

Even though my work is a bit different from him—I mean, I prefer not using lots of photoshop editing—

his imagination and producing skills really give me a lot of motivation.

Whenever I think my ideas are too common,

I go through his works once more and reboot my creativity power.

What are your long term plans or goals for the future?

No one knows their future, and so do I. I’m not really sure about my future.

But one thing I’d like to pursue—is to keep going this way.

I have been gone through lots of field so far: playing instrument,

literature, singing….and finally this photography.

Now I finally realise this is MY way and I’d like to stick to here.

Just keep going this way—this is my goal. If I can add up one more fantasy

—someday I’d like to collaborate with

famous celebrity and create this fantasy-like mood as a movie film piece.

If you could work alongside anyone in the creative field who would it be?

Maria Svarbova. I really love her swimming pool series.

Her main difference with my work

is she uses a very strong colours, such as pale blue and extreme red.

I’d like to make a collaboration with her:

shooting the same thing at the same location and see how two photographers create

different mood throughout one’s camera.

Photographer/Retoucher/Creative Director: Evelyn Trista @evelyntrista

Model: Jess Mangune @jvssicalynn

Wardrobe: Dress: INTHEUNI:

Make Up:





In aid of @musculardystrophyuk



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