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Photographer & Content Creator

Laura Ribatallada

Hi Laura !

Welcome to Emote Mag

Where are you from ?

I am from Barcelona, Spain. I am moved to England 6 years ago.

Tell us about yourself: Why did you want to work as a

photographer & content creator?

I want to be able to create beautiful imagery that people can enjoy. I want to work with

brands that have a meaningful story behind and want to explain that story through

images. I want to work as a picture story teller, I want to tell their story through my lens.

When did you decide to choose to be a photographer?

I have always been interested on arts since I was a child. I did a degree in Fine Arts and

during my studies I realised photography was the fastest way to capture my ideas and my

vision, so there is when I made the conscious decision, because I have been always with a

camera next to me without even acknowledging it.

What age did you have your first shoot?

I have always had a camera with me, in my bag, specially when I would go out with my

friends. I liked the capture fun moments or our adventures. I know there would be

precious memories for later. They are now. I was “the photographer”, so at some point I

started to believe it and asked some my friends to pose for me. So my first ever “serious”

shoot would have been when I was 19.

How would you describe your personality ?

Curious, I would say. Some people called me brave.

I think I am friendly, sociable… very sensitive haha.

It is hard to describe yourself!

Thoughful, because I think a lot about others, a bit too much sometimes.

I try to keep always a positive attitude although I can get easily drag into sadness or

stress. I always try be respectful with everyone and everything.

What about your education ?

I studied a degree in Fine Arts in Barcelona and after that a MA in Fashion Photography

in Madrid, both cities are in Spain where I am from.

What if any, related courses or studies have you taken?

I did a course of film or analogue photography and learn how film photography works,

very interesting!

The process has way more magic than digital, but also it is way more


Can you describe a stand out moment/s in your creative journey

which you are really proud of ?

One moment I will always remember is when one of my good friends and my boss at that

time asked me to sit down on the table with him after a completing a project.

He look at me in the eyes and very seriously told me:

“you are so talented, you are going to be a

famous photographer”

I still remember it and makes me laugh! It is a nice memory,

because the only other person who ever told me that before was my grandma haha.

Are there any photographers you look up to, who have had an

influence on you & whom you take inspiration from?

I studied so many during my MA. I admire the work of so many! Avedon, Lindbergh,

Albert Watson, Francesca Woodman… too many to mention!

What skills do you feel are necessary to be successful in

today’s society ?

I think more than skills, what do you need is to be constant, patient and hard working. If

you have the sensitivity for art and the vision, that can only get better if you keep those 3

concept on point.

Success will follow, sometimes not on the way you expected, but it will come.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I like to paint and draw, put a candle on and read a magazine. I have to say I am watching

lots of movies since the whole lockdown happened. Oh, I also love plants, taking care of

them, talking to them and see them grow.

Looking after yourself is extremely important in anyone’s life....

How do you look after your health ?

I realised in the last years how important that is and I think I am getting better at it.

I am lucky I always had good health so I’ve never been very conscious of that and

previously I had pushed myself into bad habits: bad diet, no exercise,

too much social plans so too much alcohol, work that would make me feel very anxious and stress…

Now I try to read what my gut is telling me, choosing the plans and

habits that would be more beneficial for me.

What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses ?

I am determined. When something gets into my head I want to do it, and I find the way

to do it even if I have no clue at first. I cannot even explain, it just happens.

I doubt myself a lot and become obsessed with things, which it is something I would like

to change. I take things a bit too personal sometimes and I am not very good at waiting,

so I am trying to work on this and understand that things need time and that a “no” it

isn’t always a rejection, maybe just a change of direction.

I am brave and I am a dreamer, so I tend to think that I everything is possible,

that you only have to try and see.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years time ?

Hopefully in a beautiful bright studio working with a great team, working in very

interesting projects, maybe travelling to other countries for work but at the same time

being able to have a personal life and time for my loved ones.

What advice would you give to those wanting to break into the

world of content creating & photography today ?

It is very hard, you are going to cry more than smile, however if it is what you really want

to do, don’t hesitate, just work on it and don’t give up.

And always, always follow your intuition.

You can find more of Laura’s work,

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Photographer: Laura Ribatallada @lauraribatallada

1/ Model: Bonnie Stylist: Bunmi Torres @blifebalanced

Retouching: Claudia Lopez @claudialpz

2/ Model: Tiffany @tiffanykiaraanderson

Agency: Oxygen

MUAH: Jen Lo @lolocouk

Stylist: Bunmi Torres @blifebalanced