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Hi Charlie !

Welcome to Emote Mag !

For those who aren’t familiar with your work, it would be great if you can tell everyone a little about your photography journey ?

I’ve always had an innate desire towards storytelling.

My family introduced me to theatre at a really young age,

I’ve always loved creating characters and putting them into their own worlds

alongside the aesthetics of world building.

I believe that starts when you’re a kid and making dens in your back garden -

the world you create is so saturated and exciting, so different from whats

happening around you in real life.

Theres a sense of escapism to it. It’s this kind of escapism;

that homage-to-childhood-wonder that I really

aspire to capture within my photography.

When did you first feel an interest in photography & when did you first pick up a camera ?

I found an interest in photography through a mixture of art and theatre -

I loved the artistic capability to aesthetically create beauty from nothing,

aligned with the capability of world-building that theatre creates.

My dad gave me his old camera as a birthday present,

from then I’ve been using it in a multitude of ways.

How would you describe your photographic genre/s ?

I would describe my style as fine art / fantasy,

although I wasn’t aware it was a genre until a year or so ago.

I discovered works from artists such as Bella Kotak and realised there was a

whole sub-genre of photography that fitted perfectly within my desire to create beautiful things alongside

creating worlds and characters within my work and was quite literally what

I was already creating but without a community backing.

It was from that point that I felt more liberated in my creative journey and felt more free to create

knowing that I could root myself in one particular style, whereas before it was a vague mixture of

portraiture, editorial and floral photography.

What about your education ?

What if any, related courses or studies have you taken?

I’m completely self taught as a photographer, although I do currently take a course at

The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama where I study Performance Arts -

from which I’ve learnt feeds into my artistic practice as a photographer in terms of world-building.

I’m very interested in immersive theatre as a practice;

which ties in very nicely to the hyper-visceral feel of my photography.

How would you describe your personality ?

As a person I feel I’m very grounded in the world around me -

I get a lot of my inspiration from the beauty of nature, and can imagine this is only because

I grew up in New Zealand where the culture and way of life

is very orientated around the land and the beautiful scenery there.

Describe your favourite shoot....

I don’t really have a favourite shoot to hand (as I’ve worked with so many amazing people!)

but usually shoots in which I can really immerse myself into the world with costumes and scenery.

For example, I did a shoot recently that featured a couple of gorgeous mermaids in a

lagoon in Oxford which was a complete joy to work with.

If you had to pick one which would it be ?

Black & White or Colour ?

Definitely colour. I’m a big advocate of colour theory within my images and so colour is extremely important to me.

Studio or On Location ?

On location. Although the convenience of the studio is fabulous,

I don’t think anything beats the world-building aspect of seeing a picture of a fairy in a

wood that looks like the one down the road from you.

Artificial Light or Natural ?

Natural lighting. I go for a very soft and dreamy look in post production,

this is perfectly achieved by a nice overcast natural light.

Can you describe a stand out moment/s in your photographic journey which you are really proud of ?

Honestly, I’m really proud of my whole journey so far -

I only really started photography two years ago and never thought I’d be where I am now.

I’m 20 and have a lot to improve on still,

but it’s exciting to be on such a fast paced journey and be surrounded by

such like minded, talented creatives.

Are there any photographers which you take inspiration from & why ?

Particular photographers I’m super interested in are Bella Kotak (@BellaKotak) -

as I mentioned,

discovering Bella’s work meant that I could find my own feet in my own work

as a young creative knowing there was other work out there similar to my own when

I previously hadn’t seen anything like it beforehand.

Bella immaculately balances storytelling and beautiful visual aesthetics in an otherworldly fashion,

something which I find immensely beautiful!

What skills do you feel are necessary to be a successful photographer in today’s society ?

As a young creative I’m very aware of what the current climate demands of

up and coming photographers.

My advice would be to understand what your niche is and work from there.

As soon as you understand what sets you apart from others in terms of

marketability, you can start making a brand for yourself.

Do push yourself creatively in different directions until you settle and find your way,

although keep in mind that you need to be good to yourself creatively

and don’t take on too much that makes you feel uncomfortable.

Put your energy into your personal growth and what makes you happiest!

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Credits (in order of presentation)

Photographer/Retoucher: Charlie Sambrook @charliesambrook

Models: Georgia Lock and Ian Hencher Ears: MadHouseFxStudio Headpieces: Ausgefuchst Art Costumes: ThePurpleRowansCloset

Model: Genevieve Sambrook

Models: Nash Hernandez and Sarah Begum

Headpieces: Pretty Peculiar Masquerade

Costumes: Midnight Costume Services

Model: Chanice Hird

Headpiece: Pretty Peculiar Masquerade

Models: Bella Taylor& Emma True

Mask: Pretty Peculiar Masquerade

Model: Ian Hencher

Costume: Midnight Costume Services

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