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Photographer: Zuzana Valla Models: Julia Ngova,Maria Ngova & Petra Ngova

Back in Slovakia earlier this year.

"I was very happy when Julia, one of the three sisters, contacted me, with idea to memorize her and her sisters in the traditional Slovak dresses which not so long ago my grand mum was wearing as her every day dress.

There are also some villages you can still find women wearing those dresses calling “kroj” I love Slovakia and even though l have lived in England for 12 years now,

my heart is still with my country, traditions and stereotype which l want remember forever.

We took these pictures in Milotice Castle in Morava, Czechia.

( Where my father and grandma came from, but l was born in Slovakia, same as my mum was Slovakian) The traditional dresses are from Skalica, Slovakia.

Every village has different pattern on the dresses, so other people knows which village the person came from, which gender, what is her or his job, social status or region.

We had different dresses for work/ everyday wear/Sunday church visit & celebrations like Christmas/ weddings/ christenings and feasts. Dresses are hand made. Each ribbon cost around 300 euros and each dress cost around 800 euros.

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